Keep charged your Smartphones with the best power banks

Smartphones are useful till they are alive and it becomes useless as soon as the battery of the Smartphone gets drained. So it is necessary to keep them alive and it is possible with the help of power banks. Power banks are the solution when you need to charge your Smartphone and you are unable to find any power plug  near you. Power banks are also useful while you are traveling to some place. There are some specific features in the power banks that is required while buying one for you. You will find a number of options out there in the market but selecting one out of the options is a really difficult task for anyone. Check for some specific features in the power banks and let your smartphones charged for longer durations.

Xiaomi 10,000mAh

First in the category of power banks is the Xiaomi power bank with the capacity of 10000 mAh. It includes a 10 W Micro USB port that will charge your smartphone and many other devices that have the USB port for charging capability. The 10 W adaptor of the Xiaomi power bank will give 5.5 hours of charging capability.  Total weight of the Xiaomi power bank is approx 207 gram. It also includes a flat white USB cable with the Xiaomi power bank. It has none layer for the protection of the power bank from the external sources of damages.


Zendure A2

Next is the Zendure A2 power bank that is good to have with you with the charging capability of 6700 mAh lithium–ion battery. The power bank has 1 unit for 2.1A USB and one for 1.5A Micro USB unit that can charge your Smartphone within the duration of 4 hrs approx. With the additional feature of auto on and auto off the power bank works smartly with the Smartphone. How it works smartly is it will get on as soon as it connects with the smartphone and auto off as the smartphone charged completely and save the further battery backup for the future usage. It has a total weight of approx 137 g so that you can easily pass through with the charging power bank. The Zendure A2 power bank has 80 percent efficiency with the charging smartphones but it is the best among others because of some of the amazing features that we have mentioned above.


There are some more options of power banks out there in the market or you can also find some best products on the online shopping sites across the internet.


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